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Health news from the net - 31 May, 2014

Health news 31 May, 2014.
Do you enjoy reading about health as much as I do?
Here are links to a few health and nutrition related articles I was reading today. Click on the links for the full article and to read them from the source. Hope you find them interesting.

Lyndal @ Lean Green and Healthy

Hunter gatherer clue to obesity
This article was originally published at BBC news

The idea that exercise is more important than diet in the fight against obesity has been contradicted by new research.  A study of the Hadza tribe, who still exist as hunter gatherers, suggests the amount of calories we need is a fixed human characteristic.

This suggests Westerners are growing obese through over-eating rather than having inactive lifestyles, say scientists.

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Secrets of Keeping Off the Weight You Lose
This article was originally published at Tufts University

Despite the talk of “yo-yo dieting,” it is possible to lose weight and keep most of it off, according to new research on 3,000 participants in the National Weight Control Registry. Investigators led by J. Graham Thomas, PhD, of Brown University evaluated questionnaires completed by people who had been in the registry, which tracks successful dieters, for at least 10 years. About three-quarters were women and most were college educated. The goal was to understand how some people are able to keep off the pounds they shed.

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Biggest food myths
This article was originally published at Sydney Morning Herald

As we learn more and more about nutrition, and the greater the number of "experts" out there publishing diet books inevitably leads to the propagation of new diet beliefs and trends, whether or not there is evidence to support them. Here are a few doing the rounds at the moment and the conclusion the nutritional science really leads us to.
Is coconut oil really that good for you?
Coconut oil, like all fats contains 5g of total fat per teaspoon, 90 per cent of which is saturated. The main reason that coconut oil is touted for its health benefits is that a significant proportion o

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Eating at a meeting
This article was originally published at Fooducate

Many people have a job that requires participating in meetings. Some folks spend their entire day in one meeting after another. Some of the dangers of the conference room, besides falling asleep and not getting any real work done, are the food and drinks that are often laid out for participants.

These seemingly harmless snacks add needless calories to your daily tally. Often they are low in nutritional value, whether soft drinks, cookies, potato chips, or other sweets. Some offices offer water and fruit as well, but it’s hard to compete with a moist chocolate chip cookie…

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