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Health news from the net - 30 May 2014

Health news 30 May, 2014.
Do you enjoy reading about health as much as I do?
Here are links to a few health and nutrition related articles I was reading today. Click on the links for the full article and to read them from the source. Hope you find them interesting.

Lyndal @ Lean Green and Healthy

An end to fat shaming
This article was originally published in the Sydney Morning Herald

The TV series Game of Thrones has its share of people who meet the usual criteria for on-screen hotness - curvy women with long flowing hair and lean men with determined jaws.  But it may also go down in history for turning some stereotypes on their heads. Along with a leading man who has achondroplasia, a form of dwarfism, there’s a hero who’s overweight. For anyone not glued to this program each Monday night, this is Sam, a soldier of the Night’s Watch who doesn’t let extra kilos get in the way of rescuing a woman and child from a terrifying predator, a White Walker.  
But this plays out on the mythical continent of Westeros.  Here in the real world people who are Sam-sized are more likely to be stereotyped as lazy and lacking self-discipline. For anyone who thinks this is a terrific incentive to lose weight, it seems the opposite is true.....

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The top 5 misleading nutrition labels
This article was originally published on The Nutrition Guru and the Chef

Avoid being mislead in the supermarket, or when looking for recipes online. Being aware of these five popular terms will make sure you make healthy choices when it comes to food.
A clever marketing strategy used by food manufacturers to lure buyers into believing their packaged product is healthy, organic does not automatically mean it is packed full of nutritious ingredients. For example an organic muesli bar may use organic oats, but is also packed with added sugar, oil and covered in chocolate....  

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Is sugar really the big bad wolf of food?
This article was originally published on Bitewize Nutrition

It was fat’s turn a few decades ago when it was blamed for a myriad of health problems, but if you have been following the fat debate recently, it seems that sugar is now the culprit of all of our health woes.
So should you avoid sugar at all costs?  Or should you choose organic coconut sugar as your sweetener? What about a nice agave syrup or whatever else seems to be en trend at the moment? Is there really any difference? If you saw this infographic that has been doing the rounds in the Huffington Post  then you might think that sugar, no matter where it originated is sugar and that it all amounts to the same thing.....

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The Australian national health survey - what is it and what did it find?
This article was originally published on Catherine Saxelby's Foodwatch

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has just released The Australian Health Survey which analysed data from over 12,000 Australians from the 2011-12 National Nutrition and Physical Activity Survey (NNPAS). The ABS website states that “It presents results from a 24-hour dietary recall of food, beverages and dietary supplements, as well as some general information on dietary behaviours.” So just what does it tell us about our eating habits and general nutrition?

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